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How to Choose Best Laptop

Best Laptop For Me.

1. Decide the Nature of work you paln to do with your purchased Laptop. Like  office work, accounts, Graphic designing, Gaming etc.

2. Decide Budget ( Maximum amount you want to spend to buy your laptop)

3. Search The maximum Processor you can get in your Budget. ( You can know this from processor generation and Family . Easy way to judge the performance is by looking its rank 

4. Check if you need a graphic card or Not  for your applications. if you plan to do designing or gaming you will require a graphics card . so choose a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. Graphics card can not be        installed later on.

5. After considering above two Check if any model available with SSD drive also. SSD Drive can be added later on. so if its not available now it can be added later on. 

6. After considering above things Now see what all softwares you are able to get in your buget.

Brands Assure quality but your laptop performance will depend on processor and graphic card  and Storage device hard disk type - you choose. Remember that one brand's  i3 laptop can not out perform an i5 laptop of other brand.


Happy Shopping ...