Amazon Pay- Lenovo

Amazon Pay 


Scheme Valid on Lenovo Laptop Purchased from us.

1. Open Amazon app on your Mobile and login to your account
2. Open amazon Pay 
3. Scan The above Code
4. You will reach Bhavyaji Computers Pvt Ltd Store
5. Search your Item - SKU
6.  Cash Back Valid for one time for single purchase per account
7. Enter The amount of product desired
8. Make payment
9. You are Entitled to get 2 Cash Back - on this Transaction
10. Cash Back (1) You will be shown the cashback amount on top of payment page. (Depending on Transaction Amount)
11. Cash Back (2) In case You Choose 6 Month EMI - Interest (Max 3500) Will Be Refunded as cashback
     - ( Transaction Amount Shound Be Greater Than Rs 30000) 
12. After Successfull Transaction send Screenshot of barcode Received after transaction to 9311119301
13. Incase you require any clarification please call - 9311119301